Wik Gruppen

Wik Gruppen is an innovation company that works with leading design and product development players in Norway. Together, we develop new products that simplify everyday life.

The prerequisites for a robust, well-functioning product are good design and a meticulous attention to detail. Wik Gruppen focuses uncompromisingly on high quality throughout, from conception to delivery. The founder of Wik Gruppen, Ivar Ole Wik, has a professional background as a project manager in the construction industry. He is also a business school graduate, as well as being a structural engineer.

Our aim is to develop products that do the job more quickly, easily and safely, which in turn improves the profitability of construction projects. Good examples are our Liftroller®, Liftwagon® and Lifttub systems, which are solving long-standing challenges when it comes to heavy lifting.

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Liftroller® is a revolutionary risk-reduction system. It is a heavy duty, secure, stable, roller-equipped platform for receiving materials through an open window space, both safely and easily.

Once inside the easy to manoeuvre, height adjustable, roller-equipped Liftwagon® can take the materials to wherever they’re needed - quickly, securely, easily and safely. 

No heavy lifting by work teams is needed.

Read more about Liftroller® on its product page.

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Liftwagon® is designed to be used with the Liftroller®. It shares the Liftroller®’s light but ultra-strong aluminium construction and makes transporting materials inside the building a breeze. It is also easy to disassemble and reassemble, meaning it can easily be transported to another floor when using a crane is not an option. Liftwagon® turns on all four wheels, making it very easy to manoeuvre. It also uses heavy-duty, no-puncture tyres. Read more about LIftwagon® on its product page.

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