About Wik Gruppen

Our products are developed in close cooperation with Inventas AS, one of Norway's leading companies in product development and design. All of our products are characterised by ease of use, low weight, maximum performance and high safety levels for personnel.

Stavanger-based company Aluhak AS, which manufactures a variety of products in aluminium, including scaffolding, is our main partner in production and distribution. They are a preferred supplier of oil platforms, demonstrating the quality to which they work in an industry where safety is paramount. 

Meanwhile, branding bureau KIND have created Wik Gruppen’s visual identity and overall branding. KIND have an impressive portfolio which we are very proud to be a part of.

We also work closely with Innovation Norway, Nyskapningsparken and Connect Vest. As a result of their contributions, we have built up a large network within innovation, marketing and product development. Innovation Norway has, in addition to consulting, made a significant financial contribution to the development of our main product, the  Liftroller®.

Our product portfolio is primarily geared towards the construction industry, of which we have great personal experience. In addition to Wik Gruppen’s founder working as a project manager in the industry, we are in continuous dialogue with a number of prominent firms that provide us with tips for improving existing products. We also receive suggestions about new products that could benefit the industry. We take all this input very seriously and, together with our partners, aim to find solutions to everyday challenges found on construction sites the world over.

Top construction companies test all the products thoroughly before they are officially launched. Together, we develop products that perform tasks more quickly, easily and safely. This improves the profitability of construction projects while eliminating a variety of heavy lifting/stressful work tasks for crews onsite.

Of course, there has always been heavy lifting in the construction industry, but we have set ourselves the goal of doing something about it. Do YOU ​​have suggestions for products that can make work your life easier onsite? If so, please contact us so we can make it a reality together!